Welcome to Turner Wealth Management (TWM)


Turner Wealth Management's (TWM) mission is to empower the lives of our clients through building and preserving wealth.  At TWM, we define preserving wealth as the wealth you are able to keep after the impact of inflation and taxes. We strive for a relationship with my clients focused on the 3F's: faith, family and finances.



Our vision is to be the most comprehensive wealth management practice within our community, assisting our clients to live the lifestyle of their dreams and giving them the ability to leave an impactful legacy. We will engage clients with laser-like focus on the 6 key areas of financial planning: cash flow and debt management, protection planning, wealth management, tax planning strategies, retirement planning and estate planning strategies. Of the six, many of my clients find immediate value in reviewing their retirement planning and protection planning, which includes but is not limited to their 401(k), IRA's and life insurance.


Our Value

We strive to understand what is important to our clients and partner with them to manage their affairs to achieve their goals and expand the possibilities. Our expectation is to build a committed relationship with each of my clients.  Our core beliefs are focused on the 3F's: faith, family and finances.